Doughnuts on the Corner

Two blocks away from us is Tonalli’s Doughnut and Ice Cream shop. We can almost smell the fresh-baked doughnuts at our house (you actually have to round the corner and walk half a block, which is a good thing or all we’d eat are doughnuts.) There is never a block-long line for ice cream in flavors like Rocky Road, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip, and Pistachio made by Oregon-local ice cream makers Umpqua Dairy and Cascade Glacier. The counter staff is lovely, and not barista too-cool-to-scoop hipster. Visually, the outside of Tonalli’s is bright and comfortable, and it’s a great place to make photographs. As served up by Tonalli’s, the doughnut is a unifying pastry — the shop has the most diverse clientele I’ve seen in Portland. Maybe not as tourist-trendy as Voodoo, or gourmet as Blue Star, but sometimes you just want a regular doughnut that doesn’t come with artisanal bacon bits, and sprinkles of gentrification.