The Blue Hour

The days are short and the winter rains have begun with just enough spackled sun to keep my grey-moods away. Once I start looking, even in my most mundane routes, I find myself noticing how the light moves around the Portland cityscape at all hours. This noticing-of-the-light happens regularly when I’m traveling, but it’s happening now in my home district as well.

I’m starting to work on night photography, it’s a sensible sequence in my study of light but requires attention to the technical details in making photos. Learning the facts behind the movement and recording of light is satisfying, and my hope is that once it becomes second nature I can use the natural laws to take more chances with composition day and night. The Blue Hour was taken without a tripod, and a wide aperture. I used a higher ISO than usual and a pretty slow shutter speed. I’m working on how much noise is ok and how low I can go without handheld camera shake.