Oh Sunshiney Day

We wound up spending much more time in Cincinnati than originally planned, thanks United Airlines! After a day of recovery, we stumbled out into a beautiful sunny day complete with blue sky. Although we did take a trip to the “bad” section of Cincinnati this trip (given all the extra time) I really missed Alberta Street.  The mural on the corner has not gotten any better, but hey it makes a good selfie backdrop (above.)

Everyone was out and about on Alberta Street, eating ice cream and this guy in lovely cobalt jeans with many pocket-books strapped on his body:

Pocket Books

So many pocket purse things and a rolling bag. I’m pretty envious of all the pockets in that coat since women’s clothes are generally pocketless which is a pain in the ass when traveling because who wants to swing a large purse through the streets of Mumbai?

This is one of my favorite spots to make photos. I’m trying to get closer to the people occasionally at the risk of being flattened by a vehicle:

Man Walking Dog

It was a good day to be home and walking the street.